Fundraising Event Hosted By ADAVIRTUAL raises £92.00

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ADAVIRTUAL Business Support, a small business based in Pound Hill Crawley, held a fundraising event on Tuesday 13th August 2019 to help raise funds for Chailey Heritage Foundation. Chailey’s mission is to give disabled children and young people every opportunity to pursue their fullest potential.


The event was an indoor Big Chailey Picnic where ADAVIRTUAL Business Support invited other businesses within Worth Corner Business Centre to visit the main meeting room during lunchtime for some sweet treats and fun games. With help from supporters, ADAVIRTUAL Business Support raised £92.00. This was achieved through selling cakes, sweet treats and games such as “Guess How Many Sweets in a Jar”.


Ada Obi, Managing Director of ADAVIRTUAL, says:

“We are a small business that provides remote administration, operations and general virtual support for fast growing small businesses and start-ups who need to effectively manage their time, costs & business operations in order to evolve, scale & succeed. We decided that we also wanted to expand this support to charities and worthy causes. We met a member of the Chailey fundraising team during a networking event and thought the work they did was fantastic. We looked at the fundraising suggestions and saw the opportunity to host a Big Chailey Picnic. We have also pledged money to their Big Christmas Give and are keen to support them in other ways in the future”.


About Chailey Heritage Foundation

Based in Sussex, Chailey Heritage Foundation have a national reputation for their work around communication and developing independence through powered mobility. Every year they support hundreds of children, young people and their families, by providing a range of world-class services, especially catering for those with a neurological motor impairment, such as cerebral palsy.


Should you wish to find out more information on Chailey Heritage Foundation and discover ways you can also help with fundraising, then please look at their website:

Chailey Heritage Foundation



Ada ObiFundraising Event Hosted By ADAVIRTUAL raises £92.00

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