10 Excellent Time Management Tools for Busy Team Leaders

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In an entrepreneurs world, the one thing which matters the most is time management. It is very crucial to pay attention to managing your time, as an ability to manage your time leads to profitable results. Of the many benefits which technology has introduced to the life of an entrepreneur, one is the ability to use technology for effective time management.

Here, we have discussed some of the most amazing apps and tools present in the market with which you can manage your time and streamline your work routine:

  • Google Calendar
    It is one of the finest apps with which you can save time and make most of your day. With this app, you can keep a track of all scheduled meetings and events, and get rid of the fear of forgetting them.
  • Rescue Time
    With this app on your side, you can get to know about the time you have been spending emails, social media, and other unproductive websites. Using this information, you can re-routine your daily engagements.
  • Planner Pro
    This app helps you centralize all of your daily agendas on a single screen. It comes complete, with a daily calendar, task manager personal organiser all in one. You can reduce the stress by synchronizing all of your calendars and knowing about upcoming meetings and deadlines.
  • 1-3-5 List
    Prioritize your tasks on the basis of their importance. The most important ones are put at 1, ones with medium importance at 3, while the least important ones at 5.
  • Toggl
    It is a super-easy app to get started with. The app allows you to track the billable time related to your routine. You can synchronize projects, develop detailed time-tracking reports, and align it with several project management tools as well.
  • Remember the Milk
    Maintaining a to-do list of all the things you wish to perform makes it easy for you to accomplish them. With this app, you can set reminders and free yourself from disasters of forgetting important things.
  • Nirvana
    Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager which helps you to keep your life in an orderly manner. Things become easy when you know what to do and when to do. With this app, you always know your next action.
  • Dropbox
    Data sharing is the backbone of any enterprise. With the help of this app, you can ensure smooth and speedy transfer of data, thus saving a lot of precious time which you can use on other productive things.
  • My Life Organised
    If you find it hard to manage your tasks, then this app is definitely for you. It helps you focus on things which are of most priority. It automatically generates to-do lists and enlists priority call to actions.
  • myMemorizer
    By managing a web calendar on this app, you can get email and SMS alerts regarding the upcoming events, important tasks, and other things.

The introduction of state of the art tools and smartphone apps means you can design, implement, and provide adequate follow-up to customers & clients in a calculated way. With the apps on this list, you can take steps to ensure your life and business are as a lot more streamlined, smooth and stress free.

Ada Obi10 Excellent Time Management Tools for Busy Team Leaders
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Penny Dain

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Ada worked on one of our very important high profile project of which the deadline could easily have been missed due to the demands of the project. But Ada hit the deadline and delivered the work on time. Ada is reliable and delivers high quality work on time. I highly recommend her work.

Penny Dain – Head of Communications, Virgin Money London Marathon

Ada ObiPenny Dain
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Joyce Nduka

Ada has been extremely invaluable to our organisation. From streamlining our processes, supporting our projects, coordinating our events & running our marketing campaigns. I want to keep her all to myself

Joyce Nduka – Coach, Counsellor

Ada ObiJoyce Nduka
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Meet Ada

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I started my first business several years ago – I had just got married, was working a full time job as a business consultant and was also studying part time for a Masters in Project Management. The sleepless nights, sacrifices (plus a sulking new hubby) have made me who I am today. It was a lot to juggle at the time (and it still is) but my passion and fascination for online business is what is pulling me through.

I have a passion for helping online business owners manage their projects, grow their business, save costs & attract new clients by essentially automating and streamlining their business processes.

Why do you need to streamline? Because streamlining forces you to implement certain processes in place that do the work on your behalf, thereby saving you cost, time and giving you the freedom to focus your energy & resources on the most important aspects of your business so that your business can accelerate to the next level

I have a natural flair for organizing and managing projects/teams, I also love to get my hands dirty and get involved in the work, this combination naturally landed me into the role of online business manager, of which I had been doing for years anyway, just didn’t call it that!

My educational qualifications include a degree in Computer Science (which provides me with the IT technical skills to investigate, analyse and provide solutions, tools & software for online business owners), a Masters degree in Project Management and a further Masters degree in Strategic Online Management & Leadership

Although I have amassed qualifications, there is no better teacher than experience. I have been supporting online business owners for several years now and in those years, I have learnt the ropes, re-learnt the ropes and more! Although I could do this in my sleep, I start every project with this mantra – No one business is the same! I don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, instead I spend time (billed to my account) to understand your very own unique business, propose solutions and then work with you to implement them

I just really love to work with online business owners; I am really blessed to be doing this on a daily basis and I am looking forward to getting to know you, your business and how I can give you the online support you need to help you achieve the business growth you desire!

Do get in touch!


Ada ObiMeet Ada
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Virtual Support

Who’s it for?

For entrepreneurs who find that they are getting swamped trying to do everything pertaining to their business and require ongoing or one-off support for various projects or tasks

What benefit do you want to see in your business? Please explore the links below to see how I can support you to accelerate your business growth! 

Ready to take the next step in your business?

  1. Explore which areas below best suit your requirements
  2. Get in Touch with Me
  3. We’ll have a Brief Chat about your business and how I can support you, then we get working
  4. You start to see a difference in your business
  5. We review the process continuously to ensure my support to you is yielding tangible results

I want to: Streamline My Business Processes

  • Setting up Auto Responders for new clients
  • Responding to clients/prospects emails/queries
  • Creating and Distribution of Welcome/Information Packs for new Clients
  • Liaising with existing and potential clients
  • Managing/updating Client Database & Records Maintenance
  • Invoicing, Managing Sales & Payments
  • Data Entry of receipts, expenses into database or CRM


  • Have a refined client intake process
  • Have more time to spend growing your business
  • Have Up to date Customer contact information
  • Invoicing process refined and streamlined

Let’s Get Started

I want to: Get Organised and Simplify My Business

  • Devising and maintaining office systems and client communication processes
  • Setting up processes for proof reading, editing and approving content before publishing
  • Scheduling the Preparation of Documents, Presentation Material​, Content etc.
  • Managing client or business reporting requirements as required ​
  • Diary & Calendar Management
  • Organising Meetings & Events
  • Planning Speaking engagements


  • Day to day business is streamlined
  • Never be late again on any client project or work
  • Communication with clients is refined and enhanced
  • Keep abreast of various areas of your business without getting involved in the minute details

Let’s Get Started

I want to: Reach and Attract More Clients

  • Customer Attraction Surveys/Campaigns
  • Coordinate and Produce Tele-seminars
  • Create video marketing & E-learning products
  • Planning product launches & giveaways
  • Preparing webinar materials, Set Up & Invites


  • Reach and grow your client base
  • Generate more leads
  • Get more sales
  • Utilise client feedback to grow your business
  • Market research on autopilot
  • Continuously improve your business

Let’s Get Started

I want to: Maintain My Brand and Gain Credibility

  • Updating and Maintaining your Website
  • Updating Blogs, Vlogs and Podcast contents
  • Scheduling in Social Media marketing broadcasts
  • Public Relations – Press Release submission
  • Internet & Market Research for Business Expansion​


  • Increased online exposure
  • Web presence and increased activity
  • Have an engaged social media presence
  • Marketing will be on autopilot
  • Add to Your bottom line

Let’s Get Started

I want to: Stay Connected with my Clients and Educate them

  • Publishing of regular articles and tips to mailing list
  • Creating & Designing Newsletters
  • Editing educative/instructional Business Videos
  • Set up Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Stay Connected with your clients
  • Have active followers and email list subscribers
  • Gain credibility as the expert in your field

Let’s Get Started

Ada ObiVirtual Support
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