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My name is Ada Obi and I live by that mantra. I am passionate about helping business owners from all walks of life grow their business, save costs & attract new clients by essentially automating and streamlining their businesses

I am based from a home office in Sussex; I am also the founder and operating owner of AdaVirtual, a provider of online business management and business support to predominantly business and life coaches!

Without blowing my trumpet, I am an ambitious, experienced small business support specialist with extensive experience working for various business coaches and executives in the service sector, health sector and the non-profit sector.

I graduated with a BSc Honours in Computer Science back in 2007 and my background in Computer Science provides me with the IT technical skills to investigate, analyse and provide solutions for small business owners. I also have a Masters degree in Project Management and a Post Graduate qualification in Strategic Management

Althpough I have amassed qualifications, there is no better teacher than experience. I have been supporting business owners for a few years now and in those years developed solutions for business owners to streamline their business processes, give them the business support they need and ultimately, grow their business

I love to work with business and life coaches, speakers, authors & consultants. I help you achieve your business goals by providing efficient, effective and tailored business support to your business

Ada ObiAdaObi
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Harley Goes Electric in the Race for New Motorcycle Riders

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The name Harley-Davidson (HOG) doesn’t necessarily call to mind quiet efficiency, but a planned rollout of an electric motorcycle is generating a lot of buzz for the Milwaukee-based company.

Bloomberg News highlighted the introductory plugin hogs in an article on Thursday morning, and interest in them quickly swamped the Harley-Davidson website for the electric endeavor known as Project LiveWire. Harley’s plan, in short, is to take 22 of the new bikes on an impromptu tour of the country, to see if they draw enough intrigue to be added to the company’s current line of about 30 models.

Ada ObiHarley Goes Electric in the Race for New Motorcycle Riders
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Google and Microsoft will include a kill switch in the their smartphone.

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The technology allows for a stolen Google (GOOG) Android and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) Windows Phone-powered Nokia (NOK) device to be disabled, making it useless to the thief  With Google and Microsoft on board, kill switches will be available for 97% of the smartphone market, said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who made the announcement.

Newer versions of Apple’s iOS currently include a kill switch called Activation Lock and tracking software that requires a password before the iPhone or iPad is reset. In May, Samsung launched a similar system it calls Reactivation Lock.

Schneiderman issued a report citing data that showed the number of smartphone thefts were on the rise, but that thefts of devices with kill switches were decreasing.

Although the technology is spreading, some older phones can’t or likely won’t be updated. “With the majority of phones still without a kill switch, smartphone-related thefts and violence remain a tragic reality,” Schneiderman’s office said. “Criminals now target devices not likely to be equipped with a kill switch, increasing the importance of immediately implementing the life-saving technology across all manufacturers.”

Ada ObiGoogle and Microsoft will include a kill switch in the their smartphone.
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Cybersecurity: How safe are you?

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P.F. Chang’s acknowledged that a “security compromise” of customers’ credit and debit card data occurred at some of its restaurants.

“We have concluded that data has been compromised,” said CEO Rick Federico, in a prepared statement. The admission comes just days after cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs claimed that thousands of credit card and debit card numbers that appeared to have been stolen from P.F. Chang’s restaurants earlier this year had gone up for sale.

Federico said that P.F. Chang’s learned of the “security compromise” on June 10. Related: Simple tips to avoid getting hacked

He said an investigation with the U.S. Secret Service and “a team of third-party forensics experts” is ongoing. Meanwhile, Federico said the company has moved to a manual credit card imprinting system for all of its U.S. restaurants.

Ada ObiCybersecurity: How safe are you?
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Rich investors worry about stock market

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A comprehensive study of wealthy families by private bank U.S. Trust found that only 40% of high net worth investors feel “bullishly optimistic” about the market. At the same time, 10% said they felt downright pessimistic and 12% described themselves as fearful of losing money

Jim Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist for U.S. Trust, says a lot of rich people continue to worry about regulation, Washington gridlock, and the lingering effects of the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented stimulus program, which has propped up stocks and the housing market but hasn’t done much for the rest of the economy.

Ada ObiRich investors worry about stock market
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