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ADAVIRTUAL Business Support based in Crawley, West Sussex will be given a spell in the limelight as part of this year’s Small Biz 100, a national campaign highlighting some of the UK’s most inspiring small businesses.

Marking 100 days building up to Small Business Saturday on 5 December 2020, the Small Biz 100 provides a major profile boost to small businesses across the UK, particularly at this challenging time.

Showcasing a daily celebration of the Small Biz 100 through social media, the campaign aims to support and celebrate a vibrant range of small, community driven businesses across the UK.

ADAVIRTUAL Business Support is a Sussex based business that provides the ultimate virtual administration and operational support for fast growing businesses who need to manage their time and business operations efficiently and will be placed in the spotlight on Wednesday 11th November, with a special offer for new clients wishing to try their services.

Ada Obi, founder of ADAVIRTUAL said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this amazing campaign and I am most thankful to God Almighty. We have a fantastic team who have been working hard from home throughout the covid-19 pandemic and it is wonderful to have this opportunity to showcase the great work we do which has the potential to help other small businesses and startups to grow their business.”

Among the other firms being recognised are a family run florist in Bristol, a beauty salon in Inverness, and a wine school in Chester.

Michelle Ovens MBE, Director of Small Business Saturday UK, said:

“Congratulations to ADAVIRTUAL Business Support for joining the Small Biz 100! This campaign highlights the amazing, positive impact small firms have on communities across the UK. Given the phenomenally tough time small businesses have had, and the special role they played supporting communities in lockdown, it’s vital we continue to support them as this crisis continues. This year’s Small Business Saturday is going to be the most important one yet, and we’re determined it will also be the best.”

Now in its eighth year in the UK, Small Business Saturday has grown significantly each year, with a record turnout of 17.6 million people choosing to shop small on the day last year, generating an estimated £800m.

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Things to Consider When Expanding Your Team as a Startup

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Expanding your team as a startup or small business is not an easy job. According to a recent CB Insights study, 23% of startups fail because they do not have the ideal team to run a business. If growth is your business’s objective, it is vital that you choose the right people for it. A startup should be aware of the critical areas of their business. For a startup’s growth, the strategy, finance, human resource, product/brand design and development, research and development, and operations are essential.

Build a strong team

Growth is possible only if you have a good team to back you up. Hiring people that can help bring creativity and ideas to the table is always a good idea. Hiring people who also get the job done and are willing to be flexible in their role is essential for the early stages of growth of your business.

If you are considering fast paced growth within the business and team then it is worth considering hiring someone senior with experience to help like a Finance or Operations Director. They can help then support you with business decisions and plans.

Retention is then also key. It is all well and good expanding your team and getting the best people but useless if you then can’t keep hold of them. Help build a company culture from the early days. Show that you care and offer perks. These don’t necessarily have to be monetary; it could be flexibility with working hours or location for example.

Focus on your business functions

When expanding your team, your strategists should always determine whether that particular time is ideal for you to grow.  Performing a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) will allow you to understand your ideas better. Moreover, financing is integral to the growth of your business. Since your business is relatively small in size, you might need loans. On top of that, finance is important for forecasting and budgeting purposes too. When hiring people, you need to make sure that they possess sufficient knowledge regarding business.

Most people tend to ignore the area of research and development when expanding their startups. Your startups and small business will only grow if you work on your ideas well.

Think of your future roles

Expanding your business might be a good idea, but you need to see whether it is even in line with your business objective. There is no point in growth if your strategy fails to help you reach your ultimate goal. For this purpose, you need to know what your organisation chart must look like in the future. Thinking long-term is, therefore, the key. Always check whether your decisions blend well with the structure of the organisation as well as the relative ranks of its departments.

Is it best to hire or outsource?

You need to consider whether hiring employees of your own would benefit your business’s growth or outsourcing would be a better idea.

If you are finding you have too much work but not sure if you are in a position to hire then companies such as ADAVIRTUAL Business Support could be an option. By offering hourly rates as well as monthly retainer packages businesses can utilise the expertise and time of the team with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the workload as business needs demand.

In most cases, small businesses or startups prefer to outsource during growth because they tend to avoid issues like sick pays, workplace pensions, holidays, etc.

However, it is for you to choose what option is the least costly for your business.

Ada ObiThings to Consider When Expanding Your Team as a Startup
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Children In Need: Pudsey’s Big Quiz

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ADAVIRTUAL Business Support Team raise over £50.00 for Children In Need 2019!

Employees at ADAVIRTUAL Business Support have successfully raised over £50.00 for BBC Children in Need after completing their Pudsey’s Big Quiz and cake sale to support the 2019 Appeal.  The money raised will go on to help transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. 

This year BBC Children in Need have asked the nation to Get Together and fundraise to help make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. From rambles to three-legged races, knit-a-thons to quizzes and once in a lifetime challenges to bake sales, thousands of people across the UK have Got Together to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

As a small business they were not sure how best to fundraise for the good cause but once they saw the Big Quiz online they were keen to host. The company is based at Worth Corner Business Centre and so ADAVIRTUAL invited other companies and offices to join them in the main meeting room on Tuesday 12th November 2019 over the lunch period.

Ada Obi, Managing Director of ADAVIRTUAL, says: “We are a small business that provides remote administration, operations and general virtual support for fast growing small businesses and start-ups who need to effectively manage their time, costs & business operations in order to evolve, scale & succeed. We decided that we also wanted to expand this support to charities and worthy causes.  This is the first time we have supported Children In Need but we held a cake sale for Chailey Heritage Foundation earlier in the year and are keen to continue supporting such great causes”.

Speaking of their efforts, Sian Curtis-Golds, Business Development Executive said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came along! It was great fun supporting BBC Children in Need and to know that we’ve raised over £50.00 when we are only a small business is a fantastic feeling.”

BBC Children in Need works throughout the year to ensure that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood, and the chance to reach their full potential. It relies on the energy and commitment of thousands of fundraisers and supporters across the UK, who donate their time and money to put on events in support of the Appeal.  

Ada ObiChildren In Need: Pudsey’s Big Quiz
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The Importance of Testimonials

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Testimonials are statements that are issued by customers or clients that you have had contact with. They can include the type of experience they had with your business and can be used to improve the credibility and trustworthiness of your business. Testimonials are basically a proof of the promises you make to your perspective clients.

In the business world, word of mouth is the strongest tool. One bad review from client or a customer can completely shatter the entire years-long built up reputation of a business. Whether you’re a start-up or a fully established business operating for years; word of mouth is what your success depends on. Therefore, it is important for business owners and managers to pay special attention to the generation and use of testimonials. If used effectively, they can be one do the most powerful tools that you can use to strengthen your business’s brand image.

Testimonials and Marketing

Testimonials and product reviews may not seem like an important marketing tool to many people, but once they are out to the use that they were invented for, they can work miracles. A good product review can help build credibility and trust in the minds of your potential customer base. The customer journey comprises of many steps before the final purchase is made and whether a customer makes it through the whole journey or not depends on the level of trust they have on the business. Customers that have experienced your product or service and have been satisfied can help with the building of that trust through testimonials. When potential buyers go through the product reviews and know that other people like them have been satisfied by doing business with your company, they are more likely to then go ahead with the purchase.

On the other hand, testimonials are also used by most businesses to connect with their audience on an emotional level. Research has shown that while making buying decisions, customers are more likely to be driven by emotion than by reason. Companies use this tool to be in a better position to persuade potential customers to buy their product through the use of happiness, laughter, excitement, or sadness.


Similarly, when we talk about connecting with the potential customer, there is another way that businesses use testimonials effectively. The buyers that have done business with a company have particular stories; about how they came to know about the product, how they bought it, how they started using it, etc. These stories are what the testimonials are built upon and these are what make them even more relatable for your potential customers. Narrative stories are, in fact, one of the most influential factors that affect the human mind and the use of them in testimonials is what makes them so effective.


The use of testimonials and/or product reviews is highly efficient tool in the marketing process which, if used properly, can help a business garner great success. Make sure to make the review posting process for your customers as easy and convenient and possible and you will be surprised at how easily your branding efforts can reap rewards.

Ada ObiThe Importance of Testimonials
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Fundraising Event Hosted By ADAVIRTUAL raises £92.00

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ADAVIRTUAL Business Support, a small business based in Pound Hill Crawley, held a fundraising event on Tuesday 13th August 2019 to help raise funds for Chailey Heritage Foundation. Chailey’s mission is to give disabled children and young people every opportunity to pursue their fullest potential.


The event was an indoor Big Chailey Picnic where ADAVIRTUAL Business Support invited other businesses within Worth Corner Business Centre to visit the main meeting room during lunchtime for some sweet treats and fun games. With help from supporters, ADAVIRTUAL Business Support raised £92.00. This was achieved through selling cakes, sweet treats and games such as “Guess How Many Sweets in a Jar”.


Ada Obi, Managing Director of ADAVIRTUAL, says:

“We are a small business that provides remote administration, operations and general virtual support for fast growing small businesses and start-ups who need to effectively manage their time, costs & business operations in order to evolve, scale & succeed. We decided that we also wanted to expand this support to charities and worthy causes. We met a member of the Chailey fundraising team during a networking event and thought the work they did was fantastic. We looked at the fundraising suggestions and saw the opportunity to host a Big Chailey Picnic. We have also pledged money to their Big Christmas Give and are keen to support them in other ways in the future”.


About Chailey Heritage Foundation

Based in Sussex, Chailey Heritage Foundation have a national reputation for their work around communication and developing independence through powered mobility. Every year they support hundreds of children, young people and their families, by providing a range of world-class services, especially catering for those with a neurological motor impairment, such as cerebral palsy.


Should you wish to find out more information on Chailey Heritage Foundation and discover ways you can also help with fundraising, then please look at their website:

Chailey Heritage Foundation



Ada ObiFundraising Event Hosted By ADAVIRTUAL raises £92.00
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