Why we should all be more open to virtual working post 2020

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2020 has been a very strange year! Many businesses (both big and small) have had incredibly tough moments and sadly some have not made it through to this new Covid-19 world.

One positive side to lockdown is that many businesses and their staff have had to adjust to working from home and can now see the benefits of virtual working.

Small Business Britain had some research conducted earlier in the year for their Small Report 2020 and “found that many of the changes instigated by small businesses have involved digital transformation, with over half pivoting to online to engage with customers more, and 46% expecting their use of digital to increase in the future”.

One of the challenges we face as a virtual business support company is that many business owners are reluctant to release control of some elements of their business to someone outside their office. Lockdown helped to show that you can effectively communicate and be productive without having to be in the same building and this figure shows a positive step towards more businesses willing to work virtually post 2020.

Other Positives

Another positive for digital working is the use of apps. Our passion is helping startups to grow and streamline their processes so they can concentrate on their product or services. For many businesses this may involve adopting some new apps (there usually is “an app for that” these days!) or rethinking the way you organise your time. There are so many different types of apps that can help these days; from helping track your time to scheduling social media.

Virtual working can also has a positive impact on the environment. By switching to saving files on a drive or doing your invoices online can help reduce the amount of paper your business uses. ADAVIRTUAL are proud to be a paperless office (we do not even own a printer!). It also means you have backups and can access the documents wherever you are, whether you are out on a client appointment or having to work from home.

So perhaps we can take a small positive from this strange year! Here is to 2021!

Ada ObiWhy we should all be more open to virtual working post 2020
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ADAVIRTUAL Business Support based in Crawley, West Sussex will be given a spell in the limelight as part of this year’s Small Biz 100, a national campaign highlighting some of the UK’s most inspiring small businesses.

Marking 100 days building up to Small Business Saturday on 5 December 2020, the Small Biz 100 provides a major profile boost to small businesses across the UK, particularly at this challenging time.

Showcasing a daily celebration of the Small Biz 100 through social media, the campaign aims to support and celebrate a vibrant range of small, community driven businesses across the UK.

ADAVIRTUAL Business Support is a Sussex based business that provides the ultimate virtual administration and operational support for fast growing businesses who need to manage their time and business operations efficiently and will be placed in the spotlight on Wednesday 11th November, with a special offer for new clients wishing to try their services.

Ada Obi, founder of ADAVIRTUAL said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this amazing campaign and I am most thankful to God Almighty. We have a fantastic team who have been working hard from home throughout the covid-19 pandemic and it is wonderful to have this opportunity to showcase the great work we do which has the potential to help other small businesses and startups to grow their business.”

Among the other firms being recognised are a family run florist in Bristol, a beauty salon in Inverness, and a wine school in Chester.

Michelle Ovens MBE, Director of Small Business Saturday UK, said:

“Congratulations to ADAVIRTUAL Business Support for joining the Small Biz 100! This campaign highlights the amazing, positive impact small firms have on communities across the UK. Given the phenomenally tough time small businesses have had, and the special role they played supporting communities in lockdown, it’s vital we continue to support them as this crisis continues. This year’s Small Business Saturday is going to be the most important one yet, and we’re determined it will also be the best.”

Now in its eighth year in the UK, Small Business Saturday has grown significantly each year, with a record turnout of 17.6 million people choosing to shop small on the day last year, generating an estimated £800m.

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10 Tasks You Can Ask Your Business Support Company to Assist You With

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If you are a startup or a small business and are thinking of using a business support company but you have no idea what sort of tasks they can help with, then this blog post is for you!

Many founders feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks and admin involved when setting up their business (and throughout the growth stages). By hiring a business support company, some of these tasks can be handed over freeing up your time to concentrate on the key elements of the business.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a good indication on the range of support available. There may even be some you are surprised at!

1 – Email Management

Emails are the preferred method of communication by many people and there is an expectation for responses to be timely. If someone is interested in your product or service, then the last thing you want is for their communication to be lost in the sea of emails in your inbox!

A business support company can help by managing the inbox, responding to any emails and flagging any that need your attention

2 – Calendar Management

As a founder (or as a team), your diaries may seem incredibly busy with client meetings and sales pitches. By having a business support company assist with your appointment making they can ensure that meetings are arranged factoring in travel, personal appointments and length needed for that type of request. This should then leave your days running smoother and more efficiently.

3 – HR Onboarding

If you are lucky enough to be hiring then it could be worth asking for assistance on the onboarding steps needed for a new hire. This can include assisting with the employee contracts, documentation and welcome packs needed before their start date.

4 – Invoicing & Payroll

Being paid and making payments (to suppliers and staff) is a very key element of any business but sometimes this can be pushed to the side. Ask your business support company to help manage this by them creating and chasing your invoices on your behalf. They may even be able to assist in payroll and things like employee pensions.

5 – Operational Onboarding

If you are in an industry such as Service as a Software (SaaS) then you may have many operational onboarding steps in order to get a client up and running.

A business support company, like ourselves, can assist in the steps required and means that your clients have a consistent and positive customer journey from the onset.

6 – Implementation and Streamlining of Processes

Setting up processes early on is key as it helps you work more consistently and efficiently. This will impact the way customers view your organisation. By working more efficiently, you also allow more time on sales and the elements of growth for your business.

7“Office Management” 

This can be anything from ordering goods and stationery for the office to organising events for the team (birthdays, incentive trips, hotel and travel booking etc).

8 – Organisation 

When you started your business you may have found that organising your documents, Drive and emails were not high on the list but now you feel stressed whenever you need to find something! The business support team can help put everything into a logical place and order which can help you be more efficient. This should help bring your blood pressure back down.

9 – PA Tasks

This falls under the more traditional things you may first think of when considering a business support company or virtual assistant. These tasks do include some of the earlier tasks of calendar and email management but on a more individual basis of the founder rather than for the company as a whole.

Tasks could also include research such as new office space, energy or telecommunication deals.

10 – Squad Goals

This is not necessarily a task you would ask for when searching for a business support company but we thought it was important to highlight companies such as ourselves are invested in your business too. We want you to succeed and for your business to grow!

We will work with you to make sure you excel at what you do.

Ada Obi10 Tasks You Can Ask Your Business Support Company to Assist You With
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Why We Are More Than A Virtual Assistant

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When asked what we do as a business, the answer can be hard to give. Not because it is complicated but because we cover a huge range of options and help in so many areas it is difficult to put succinctly.

We call ourselves a business support company rather than a virtual assistant for many reasons. Yes, we work remotely from your business in terms of location (our office is based in Crawley) but not in terms of service.

The business was started because we wanted to help support startups and small businesses to grow by offering support for the daily admin and operations that are essential for a business but were not necessarily money making tasks.

By giving back time we have seen our clients grow and thrive as well as our own team in order to meet the demand. 

We pride ourselves on being a bit different from the norm and so, here are 3 reasons why we are more than a virtual assistant!

We Are a Team!

One the main reasons ADAVIRTUAL are a business support company rather than a VA is the fact that we are a team. As a client you will still have a dedicated assistant to support your business needs and to integrate with the existing team but if one of us has annual leave planned or is unwell, you have other members of the team to assist instead. Thus, giving you unbroken support which means less stress and worry for yourself. The team also has a range of experience and expertise so we can help with a huge variety of tasks.

Virtual Doesn’t Mean Impersonal

We know how hard it can be when running your own business and also how hard it is to relinquish some tasks to someone else. That is why we get to know you and your business so we can integrate ourselves and work to the absolute best for YOU.

We meet many of our clients in person and are the friendly extended arm of your business. Should you need to discuss ideas or processes that will help your business grow then we are here to help!

Every business and their needs are different so we make sure we know what is important for you and support you along the way. Therefore, if your needs change then we can adapt too. Flexibility is key when starting up and we understand this.

Operational Expertise

Although we handle a huge range of tasks including back-office administration, our expertise lies in the operational support for onboarding clients for Service as a Software (SaaS) businesses. The first in-app experience your customer has with your product sets the tone for your relationship, so we’ll work with you to deliver your implementation strategy and ensure that your customer onboarding process is successful. 

Can Your Virtual Assistant Do That?

So, if you are considering outsourcing then just remember that your “virtual assistant” may be able to help you with many more things than you first realised!

Ada ObiWhy We Are More Than A Virtual Assistant
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