ADAVIRTUAL Business Support’s founder, Ada Obi, recently shared some tips and tricks on how to effectively manage your time as a small business owner at the i:Entrepreneur UK Mentoring Breakfast.

i:Entrepreneur is a campaign celebrating, championing and shining a light on small businesses founded by entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds. It exists to raise the profile of these businesses and to ensure success is celebrated not as a minority, but for the incredible value they bring in their own right.

ADAVIRTUAL are proud to be a part of the campaign and we were excited to lead a session for one of their mentoring breakfasts.

Ada’s vision when starting the company was of making it the ultimate virtual administration and operational support for fast growing businesses who need to manage their time and business operations efficiently. So naturally the theme of the breakfast had to be how to effectively manage your time.

During the session Ada focused the importance of working smarter, not harder, and challenged their entrepreneurs to identify their day-to-day tasks that are ‘Time Stealers’.

If you are interested in the points discussed then you can read the blog with all the highlights here