When starting your own business there are many different roles you and your team need to play and many tasks that need completing. By automating tasks you can help ensure you do not become overwhelmed.


Here we have highlighted some tasks that can be automated and suggested some tools that we use within our own business.


Social Media 

This is a task that usually drops down the list as you become busy but a strong social media presence at the beginning of your startup journey can really help. Scheduling social media posts does not need to take up too much of your time or thought process. By using scheduling tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite you can spend an hour creating the content and scheduling for the week. This process will then become easier as you gain evergreen content to reuse and work with.


Sales Process

Bringing in new leads is every startups goal but making sure follow ups are sent out is vital to conversion. Using a CRM such as Hubspot that can automate your follow up emails and workflow ensures that you do not miss an opportunity and helps free up your time.



Scheduling and arranging appointments can be time consuming. Tools such as Calendly can help automate your meetings and allow people to book a meeting at an available time in your calendar, add any virtual conference details (if needed) and send reminders or follow up emails.



As your team grows, so does your HR admin. Tools such as Charlie HR can assist you with this with an automated onboarding process for new starters where they complete the necessary information. This particular tool also allows you to automate time off for staff where you can delegate approval, advise of holiday clashes and lets you have all documentation in one place.


General Tasks

One digital tool that is also worth mentioning is Zapier as this can help automate many different types of tasks across 5,000+ apps. This can help with some existing processes you have in place such as auto filling spreadsheets, notifying team members when a trigger is activated, syncing leads from social media, to name but a few!


The great thing is that there are many digital tools available that can help make your day-to-day admin and tasks less stressful and more streamlined. Some are even offered for free on their basic packages so worth seeing what would work for you when it comes to automating tasks!