As a small business, managing cashflow is key. As your business grows you may need more support with the day-to-day running of your business.

However, taking on employees can mean additional admin as well as additional costs. PAYE, pensions, sickness and holiday pay can put increased pressure on a business during the early stages.

Outsourcing, therefore, may be the way forward and help relieve the pressure.

Pay For the Time Spent Directly On Your Business

It can be misleading when looking at hourly rates that hiring a virtual support business like ourselves is the more expensive option, however, ADAVIRTUAL Business Support charge based on the number of hours worked directly on the business. Therefore, you are not paying for lunch breaks, toilet breaks or non-related business tasks.


We understand that as a startup or small business the needs of your business can change and workload can vary. Outsourcing can mean you are not tied into long term contracts and can adapt the number of hours and level of support you need. ADAVIRTUAL offer many packages depending on your needs. This means that if you need to be leaner in one month then you easily have that option without worrying about paying for employees who may not have too much work on.

Bottom Line Boosted

Up until now, you have been solely running your business, but you are closing more deals and your business is starting to ramp up. At this stage, it is necessary to implement systems, streamline processes and automate repeatable tasks. With an outsourced team on hand you can increase productivity and have access to skilled resources, resulting in growth in revenue and boosted bottom-line.

You Can Concentrate on Growth

By freeing up your own time you can focus on building your brand, investing in product development and, move on to providing higher value added services. This can then lead to an exciting time of business growth!