When asked what we do as a business, the answer can be hard to give. Not because it is complicated but because we cover a huge range of options and help in so many areas it is difficult to put succinctly.

We call ourselves a business support company rather than a virtual assistant for many reasons. Yes, we work remotely from your business in terms of location (our office is based in Crawley) but not in terms of service.

The business was started because we wanted to help support startups and small businesses to grow by offering support for the daily admin and operations that are essential for a business but were not necessarily money making tasks.

By giving back time we have seen our clients grow and thrive as well as our own team in order to meet the demand.

We pride ourselves on being a bit different from the norm and so, here are 3 reasons why we are more than a virtual assistant!

One the main reasons ADAVIRTUAL are a business support company rather than a VA is the fact that we are a team. As a client you will still have a dedicated assistant to support your business needs and to integrate with the existing team but if one of us has annual leave planned or is unwell, you have other members of the team to assist instead. Thus, giving you unbroken support which means less stress and worry for yourself. The team also has a range of experience and expertise so we can help with a huge variety of tasks.

We know how hard it can be when running your own business and also how hard it is to relinquish some tasks to someone else. That is why we get to know you and your business so we can integrate ourselves and work to the absolute best for YOU.

We meet many of our clients in person and are the friendly extended arm of your business. Should you need to discuss ideas or processes that will help your business grow then we are here to help!

Every business and their needs are different so we make sure we know what is important for you and support you along the way. Therefore, if your needs change then we can adapt too. Flexibility is key when starting up and we understand this.


Although we handle a huge range of tasks including back-office administration, our expertise lies in the operational support for onboarding clients for Service as a Software (SaaS) businesses. The first in-app experience your customer has with your product sets the tone for your relationship, so we’ll work with you to deliver your implementation strategy and ensure that your customer onboarding process is successful.

So, if you are considering outsourcing then just remember that your “virtual assistant” may be able to help you with many more things than you first realised!