2020 has been a very strange year! Many businesses (both big and small) have had incredibly tough moments and sadly some have not made it through to this new Covid-19 world.

One positive side to lockdown is that many businesses and their staff have had to adjust to working from home and can now see the benefits of virtual working.

Small Business Britain had some research conducted earlier in the year for their Small Report 2020 and “found that many of the changes instigated by small businesses have involved digital transformation, with over half pivoting to online to engage with customers more, and 46% expecting their use of digital to increase in the future”.

One of the challenges we face as a virtual business support company is that many business owners are reluctant to release control of some elements of their business to someone outside their office. Lockdown helped to show that you can effectively communicate and be productive without having to be in the same building and this figure shows a positive step towards more businesses willing to work virtually post 2020.

Another positive for digital working is the use of apps. Our passion is helping startups to grow and streamline their processes so they can concentrate on their product or services. For many businesses this may involve adopting some new apps (there usually is “an app for that” these days!) or rethinking the way you organise your time. There are so many different types of apps that can help these days; from helping track your time to scheduling social media.

Virtual working can also has a positive impact on the environment. By switching to saving files on a drive or doing your invoices online can help reduce the amount of paper your business uses. ADAVIRTUAL are proud to be a paperless office (we do not even own a printer!). It also means you have backups and can access the documents wherever you are, whether you are out on a client appointment or having to work from home.

So perhaps we can take a small positive from this strange year! Here is to 2021!